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In the back: Gene LaFerney and Jay Veneable. Standing, from left: Charles Everett, BRAVE Administrator Paula Kinchen, Ann Walker, Barbara Hamlett, Kathy LaFerney, Janice Pittman and Pam Ekey. Pastor James Hamlett in kneeling in front.

Over 2,000 cans of food, personal care items, art supplies, meat and a variety of food items were donated to the BRAVE Center in September. "We are so blessed to be part of a community that is so caring of others. They want to help and make a difference in the lives of those in need" stated Paula Kinchen, BRAVE Administrator. With the economy and the unemployment rate at the present time many are struggling but the generous hearts of the community and the organization of the Ministerial Alliance will help many individuals and families feel cared for. Many area churches, individuals, Sunday School classes, and youth groups provided many volunteer hours, activities and donated goods to see that the 2011 Mission Blitz was a great success!

BRAVE Center clients arrive with very little. Some are thankful they arrived alive. Most have only what they were wearing when they "escaped." The last thing on their mind was a toothbrush. These women and children are facing the proverbial first day of the rest of their lives and they are empty-handed.

Women's centers rely heavily on donations but, oftentimes, people don't know what to do to help. Suggestions include, but are not limited to:

  • Monetary donations. The BRAVE Center is a place of refuge from where women and their children can gain hope, get back on their feet and start their new lives. Just like our own homes, it takes cash for operating expenses.
  • Gently used or new clothing and shoes for women and children. From undergarments to coats to pajamas and everyday clothes; our clients did not have the luxury of packing before they left.
  • Toiletries - soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hand sanitizer, hair brushes, razors, feminine hygiene products, make up (unused, of course).
  • Bedding, towels and washcloths. Imagine how cozy slipping between clean sheets feels. Sometimes the things we take for granted can provide a sense of safety and security for someone who finds themselves displaced. And consider donating kids' bedding. You may not want to sleep with Spongebob but, to a child who desperately wants and needs a sense of normalcy, it can do a world of good.
  • Toys and games. In this situation, it's common that children leave everything behind. They're in a new place with unfamiliar folks. Toys and games not only help pass the time but often result in a smile and even laughter. What better gift is that?
  • Books, magazines, movies. Women and children alike benefit from relaxing with a good book or browsing the pages of a magazine. Think, too, of the joy resulting from reading and being read a bedtime story! Perhaps you have some family movies (DVD or VHS) that could be enjoyed by all aged audiences.
  • Baby items. From diapers to wipes to blankets to bottles and formula; these families are starting over.
  • Food. Shelters can always use food to feed their residents as well as pack kids' school lunches and maybe even Mom's lunch as she heads to a new job. Juice and juice boxes, cereal, snacks, canned goods, fruit, etc. are always appreciated.
  • Household products/cleaning items/kitchen supplies. Trash bags, toilet paper, tissue, paper towels, laundry detergent, .... used on a daily basis and needed constantly.
  • Your time. Sharing love with those who are living through the hardest times in their lives is one of the most rewarding gifts a person can give. Benefits are felt by the giver as well as the receiver. Perhaps you have a skill you can offer such as cutting hair, baby-sitting children, engaging the kids in crafts, or being a good listener - the possibilities are endless but the result is tremendous.
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